The story of the new hall goes back to 2007, when the Ollerton with Marthall Parish plan revealed a strong community desire to retain a community building, despite the fact that people were increasingly unwilling to use the old hall due to its low ceiling and poor heating.

A survey revealed that the wooden structure was decaying and needed to be replaced, which led to the decision to build a new hall.

Grants were obtained from the Big Lottery, WREN, Cheshire County Council, Manchester Airport, local businesses and the Parish Council.

Planning Permission for the new hall was granted in 2008 and construction started in Spring 2009.

The formal opening of the Hall at Marthall took place on December 6th 2009.

The Hall at Marthall

Building work on The Hall at Marthall nearing completion in October 2009.

[Picture courtesy of the Knutsford Guardian]

Its environmentally friendly features include ground source under-floor heating and a living roof.

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