Hi, we are Clare and Jonny Webb - hence The Wellness ‘Webb’ ! We are currently based in Cheshire, after a stint in London, and elsewhere. Jonny is Greater Manchester born and raised, and I’m from Leicestershire.

I have enjoyed yoga on and off for 20 years, and recently completed my 200hr training with My Vinyasa Practice, and am now a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance. I’m also certified in Yoga Nidra meditation, and Trauma-Informed Yoga, and am doing further courses for anxiety, and Mindfulness Coaching.

Like many, I first found yoga as a form of exercise. But something happened in that very first vinyasa class. I walked out with an unusual feeling of knowing I’d physically worked out, but instead of feeling tired, I felt energised, and strangely calm, at the same time. That feeling always drew me back. Fast forward a couple of decades, and I now understand the physiological and philosophical reasons behind the change of state. Yoga, for me, is as much to do with the mind, as the body. Allowing me to quieten my chattering thoughts and enjoy the ‘moving meditation’. I hope to share that experience with others, and help them feel the benefits both on, and off, the mat.

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website: www.thewellnesswebb.co.uk

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